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A dynamic water resistant sun protection formula developed to effectively safeguard the skin from the unrelenting influence of the sun by providing broad spectrum protection in a long wearing formula.

Sun Defence SPF 50+ combines the unique barrier forming properties of Zinc Oxide along with Octinoxate for additional UVA protection.

Assimilated in a silky, lightweight cream containing aloe vera and sunflower oil, Sun Defence SPF 50+ calms and nourishes the skin avoiding skin irritation and discomfort.

Sun Defence SPF50+ 30ml

  • Broad spectrum protection:  Mineral physical blocker UVB (Zinc Oxide) with a chemical blocker for UVA protection (Octinoxate).  This comination allows for reducing the percentages needed for UVA and UVB protection thereby reducing the chemical effects on the skin.

    Aloe vera extract:  helps the skin to retain moisture while helping decrees any chance of irritation and inflammation

    Sunflower Oil : rich in Vit E antioxidants and skin nourishment complexes

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